8 Things You are Doing Wrong With Your iPhone

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Today, smartphones had become a very important part of the life of  the most of the people. They are so much rely on this, that their work cannot be done without this. Instead, people won’t treat their iphone as they should. Here are such mistakes that you probably commit while using your iphone.

Never turning it off

Leaving the iphone on or idle, stresses the battery, so you should turn off your phone periodically. Otherwise, your phone’s battery will die faster than it should.

Leaving the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time

If you are not using the Wi-Fi or bluetooth, then it is better to disable them, instead of wasting the energy. It is good to keep both of them off and on whenever you need them.

Walking around with your iPhone in your hand

You must know that iphones are the huge target of thieves and now…

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